Tear at perforation to leave stub for applying mount sheet
Joseph Edward Cook: photographer, sculptor, collector and creator.
Do you want my muck in your compost bin Joe Cornish?
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"The website of Mr Stephen J Durrant. Raconteur, philosopher, homosexual and punctual photographer. I don't know how it works but it does" Tony Comley, September 2011
We will eat you
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Stephen Durrant looks like a bean
House of Robyn
top room occupied by the archival artist SJ Durrant
Top room occupied by the archival artist SJ Durrant
ARCH'VIST (35) requires photographs for expanding photographic archive

arch'vist requires unwanted photos for archive
working title: INDEX
Dept of Lost Records (2009 - present)

objective: archive doomed photos

source: estate sales, auctions, house clearance, car boot sales, attics and drawers
Stephen Durrant's most ambitious art project
Department of Lost Records stamp
post lost images on public board at 6am with loud staple gun
post lost images on public board at 6am with loud staple gun
Norwich Billboard
Norwich Billboard #1: Recruit
Norwich Billboard #2: Book Girl
Norwich Billboard #3: Man with his sons
Norwich Billboard #4: Baby
Norwich Billboard #5: Promenade Photograph
Norwich Billboard #6: Three Women
Norwich Billboard #7: Brother and Sister
link to Tony Comley, animation director and friend and associate of the House of Robyn
Tony Comley, animation director, friend and associate
"ARCHIVE 2000" a photographic archive project by the artist SJ Durrant, from 2000 to present.

Archive 2000 is a selection of photographs taken one a day since Jan 1st 2000, printed, and stored in shoe boxes. You won't see a project like this

Not available online to protect its integrity as a paper-based photographic archive and to ensure that it remains a compelling, tangible viewing experience where there is consequence through physical contact.

Respect the project. It's AUTISTIC!
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I hate your smart arse website. The internet is dead. Your ideas stink. And no one cares to listen.
I hate your smart arse website
Archive 2000 by SJ Durrant 2000 to present
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I don't know how it works, but it does
my word!
Joseph Edward Cook, Photographic Artist